Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sell ANFH Medicine Shenguling Bone Medicine Good Effect To Bone Cancer

Sensual Herbal Tea


have good effects on these bone disease:Diastatic fracture,ANFH , osteonecrosis ,bone cyst ,fibrous dysplasia of bone.

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The mechanism of curing
Shengguling Capsule could activate the self-adjustment and self-restoration of human body by improving the active immunity. Afterwards, the endocrine function is enhanced, and the osteoblast is activated. With the reconstruction of blood circulation, as well as the improvement of aerobic metabolism, the growth of osteoblast is considerably accelerated, and the disrupted bone is repaired.
The pharmacology
The experimental of pharmacodynamics for ‘Shengguling Capsule’ reported by Chengdu University of TCM show that there is a significant improvement in the curing of ANFH and osteoporosis. It is proved that the trabeculation and the repair of bone are obviously improved, with anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. The animal toxic experiment shows a tolerance dose 247 times as the ordinary dose, which confirms the safety of our medicine.

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