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Men Enjoy Sex Tablets -100% natural sex pills 

This product Specially to man high-tech products that sex dysfunction developed, through the medical research for many yesars, it can make penis to be fast natural to erect, lengthan the time of erecing can improve the natural medicine of hi-tech of kidney motive force, this medicine increase the congestion amount of artery, reduce the vein backset current through expanding the penis artery mainly, the best state, still can stimulate the parasympathetic nerve at the same time, increase tension, make the psychology reach excited function, lengthen the time of erecting, made man self-confident, fully meet the two sexes demand 

Effeciencies: Directly enter the cavemous body to dilate vessels, benefit glands to absorb male hormonse in blood, and improve the pleasant sensation, 
Long-term using it may nourish the yin, strengthen the yang, produce sperms 
Benefit reproduction, and promote the secondary development of penis 

Each capsule contains 
Cistanche desserticola stem -------45mg 
Epimedium sagittatum leaves -------45mg 
Eurycoma ongifolia root ----------------50mg 
Lycium barbarum -------------------------75mg 
Dioscorea spinosita-----------------------75mg 
Morus alba leaves--------------------------20mg 

Doage: One or two capsule before statring with at least 3 hours when needed it gives 
Deley effect bigger size for penis 
Strong erection, be effective for 24 hours 
Store: Cool and dry 

Specification: 800mg *6pills

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