Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sex Love Chewing Gum Sex Gum For Female To Improve Sex Desire

Women Sex Medicine


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Sex enhancer chewing gum for women, is crazy popular for sex enhanment, buy it now!!!
1. Product Namesex love Chewing Gum
2. Brief Description: sex love Chewing Gum for women is made from wild plants extracts, absolutely no side effects, which is an advanced formula to increase sex drive in women. Benefits blood flow and engorgement of the clitoris. Increase sexual energy and libido, more pleasure when touched and more powerful and frequent orgasms.
3. Main Ingredients: Puerariae Extract, Crocus, Clover Extract, Vitamin E, Vitamin C.
4. Effect:
a) Refresh the oral cavity and whiten the teeth;
b) Enhancing sexual pleasure, no sex fatigue;
c) Adjust menstruate and enlarge breasts.
5. Specification: 20 capsules / boxes
6. Usage & Dosage: Chaw slowly in the mouth for 8 minutes, 2-4 pieces a day ,take it 10-30 minutes before sexual intercourse.
7. Precautions: It is not allowed to those who under 18 years old and patients with serious disease as well as Pregnant woman.
8. Storage: Please store in the cool and dry place. Keep out of reach of children

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