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Miraculous Tibet Sex Medicine Tibet Babao Herbal Sex Pills For Men

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[product description]:The product is extracted from eight precious Tibet treasury and dozen of plants and animals by the cooperation of Hong Kong Traditional Chinese medical Administration and Traditional medical Hospital biotechnology Co,Ltd . With thousands of experience,it proved to be great effective to the impotence,Premature ejaculation,Erect soft,and lasting shortly.At the same time it can swiftly enlarge and lengthen the penis.The greatest features of Tibet Babao is that there is no side-effect or dependence after taken .You can quickly become strong and get remedy of semen after sexual intercourse.And there is no influence on the kidney and fatigue because of the times of ejection.It can keep effective many days ,it is an ideal health care for male.
[Main Ingredients]:Tibet Donkey penis-kidney, Deer penis-kidney,fur seal kidney,gecko,saffron,cow testicles,cordyceps,snow lotus,snow deer penis,sea horse,herbal cistanches,longan,ginseng,medlar.
[Functions]:strengthen body and consolidate sperms. Enhance Yang and nourish kidney,improve the immunity.
[Suitable Crowd]:Impotence,Premature ejection.gonacratia,poor semens,lower sexual desire.short and thin penis,waist and knee acid and soft,hands and legs without any energy,dizziness and tinnitus,urine frequently,prostatitis and so on which is resulted from renal deficiency.
[Usage and Dosage]:Orally taken with warm boilded water.Take one grain before intercourse..(The beast time is 30~40min before intercourse.)
[Warm Notice]:1 Don't take over dosage eagerly.Don't repeat within 48hours.
2,Drink cold water if eject or erect repeated.
[Manufacture Date]:Refer to the package
[Warranty Date]:Refer to the package
(Accompanying with 8 boluses of sperm-generated and penis-enlarge )
(It can be either taken after or before the intercourse )

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