Monday, September 17, 2012

Electronic difference between cigarettes and Sex Products

It is the case, cigarette holder, dust filter, spice box, music institutions, light-emitting diodes, power supplies, breathing apparatus components. When the suction cigarette holder, the negative pressure produced cigarettes, spices lid is opened, Breast Care Capsule to inside and outside air into the smoke as the aroma of the carrier gas being inhaled, spices lid open while power is on, play the music, music institutions, with the light-emitting diode flash. The cigarette has a fragrance, sound, light and other functions, no poison, no fire, no pollution, is a good substitute for cigarettes, but also for medicine for respiratory equipment and recreational supplies, arts and crafts use.

Sex Products is a non-burning electronic cigarette, its efficacy is similar to ordinary cigarettes, refreshing able to satisfy cravings, so that smokers have a sense of euphoria and relaxation, while the role of smoking cessation.

develop electronic cigarette electronic cigarettes because there are advantages than regular cigarettes. Electronic cigarette and ordinary cigarette difference: It does not contain harmful tar were no carcinogenic substances; not burn, there is no combustion produced by a variety of harmful chemicals; no "passive smoking" the harm caused to others and the environment pollution; no fire hazards, fire in the smoking ban use of the premises.

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